ESX 12 (ER 11)

Floating reamer holder Type ESX 12 (ER 11) – Gripping Capacity Ø G = 2-7

ESX 12 (ER 11)
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ESX 12 (ER 11)

Floating reamer holders are used on production machines like single-spindle lathes, multi-spindle lathes, CNC machines, cnc milling machines, drills and transfer machines. They is mainly used for reamer operation and can also be used for rigid tapping. The free moving between two axial bearing allows reamers to follow the existing drilled hole for high quality work. They can be supplied with vice taper fitting, metric and inch cylindrical shaft fitting and Vdi fitting.

Description and Specifications

Floating reamer holders are produced with certified top quality steel, they are tempered and completely grinded. All production cycle is carried out in our factory in Switzerland with high precision machines and is carefully controlled. Thanks to the availability of stock, we can usually ship the material the same day as order is received.

Further Information

The floating reamer holder is adjusted with a minimum axial float and the float of the reamer is given by the radial oscillation. To keep the reamer in the center the tool holder is equipped with a self-centering pin pushed by a spring adjustable according to the size of the reamer mounted.