Collet holder ESX

Type ESX (ER)

Collet holder ESX
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Floating Reamer Holder  Type ESX  is very common in machine manufacturing (cnc machine, milling machine, vertical cnc drilling machine, etc…),

Bar Pullers

  • An easy to set economical alternative to expensive bar feeds
  • Offset gripping to get close to workpiece without creating clearance problems with other tools
  • Various sizes are available with pulling capacities 2 -85 mm

Floating Reamer Holders

  • Multi-directional movements allows float around workpiece centre
  • Adjustable counter pressure against float direction
  • Automatic centering of reamer
  • Available with ANGST Flex or ESX collets
  • With integrated coolant feeding (VDI)

PAFIX Tapping Heads CNC 

  • Extremely compact construction for critical length threads
  • Thanks to disengaging clutch, thread length is precisely controlled
  • Available with ANGST Flex or ESX (ER) collets

PAFIX Tapping Heads for conventional Machines

  • Thread tapping on axially static turret head or spindle
  • Head setting of thread length
  • Disengagement of clutch on reaching thread length

Revolving Centres

  • Insertion centres with inside centre and raw piece for revolving centre
  • Interchangeable centres made of carbide with different diameters matching all taper 2° centre holders
  • Adjustable pressure for consistent operation
  • Also available with hollow centres

Collet Chucks

  • For ESX (ER) collets
  • Available for all usual shanks linke cylindrical, cylindrical with flat (Weldon), DIN 69880 / VDI 3425, SK DIN 69871, BT (Japan Standard MAS 403), ISO and morse taper