DIN 69871A (SK)

DIN 69871A (SK40) – Floating reamer holder Type ESX 20 (ER20)

SK - Floating reamer holder Type ESX 20
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Showing all 2 results

SK40 DIN69871

These mandrels use a 7:24 taper that complies with the following standards:

ISO 7388/1 – International Standard.
DIN 69871 – German standard, SK (from German Steilkegel).
GOST 25827-93 – version 2 (GOST 26539-85 – obsolete)
Standards GOST 15945-82 for the main dimensions of the cones, GOST 19860-93 – for tolerances. GOST 20305-94: Gauges for cones with a taper of 7:24.


The size of the cone is indicated by a number, there are sizes from 10 to 80 in increments of 5. For all standards, the size of the cone is the same.

Mandrels are made with interchangeable studs, which improves compatibility with equipment from different manufacturers.

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