VDI 3425

Floating reamer holder VDI 3425 Type ESX 20 (ER20)

Floating reamer holder VDI 3425 Type ESX 20
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Showing all 5 results

VDI 3425 er20 (DIN 69880)

For many years, Angst Tools has been specifically focused on the high level of production at its plant in order to ensure high standards of reliability and supply flexibility. The VDI 3425 tool is made of high quality material and hardened over the surface layer or completely. In addition, steel stops, gears and contact surfaces are ground.

The driven tool is equipped with high-precision adjustable bearings. Angle mechanisms are cyclic geared to ensure safe transmission of high torque.

The delivery program includes two types of machine-oriented tools: tools for almost all CNC lathes and special clamping devices manufactured according to customer drawings or engineering proposals from Angst Tools.

Angst Tools manufactures high quality chucks with cylindrical shank DIN 69880 with a diameter of 16-80 mm and prism toolholders DIN 69881. Cylindrical shanks, teeth as well as boring tools and steel stops are ground.